Our interests and passions can change a lot throughout our lives, but some are ingrained in us and make us who we are. For me, I’ve always been fascinated with financial matters and business. I started working at a young age, and while in college, I accumulated some savings from summer jobs and cutting lawns.

Like most kids in college, I was keeping my money summer savings in the bank, but my father explained I could earn a lot more interest if, instead, I put my savings into a Vanguard Money Market fund. He showed me how I could earn much more in interest. Now, that was in the mid-1980s when interest rates were at historical highs and money markets were paying well over 10%! But, the lesson was ingrained in me.

Not only was I thrilled to learn that I could earn much more by putting my money to work elsewhere, I also realized that there was a lot to learn about financial matters. That led to my decision to major in finance, kickstarting my passion for all matters financial, especially investments.

Starting My Career

After graduating college, I had a brief stab at a retail entrepreneurial opportunity, but after a few years I decided to move into the financial advisory business, joining CIGNA Financial Advisors as a financial consultant. Here, I worked with high net worth individuals, many of whom were owners of small businesses, in the development of their financial planning, estate planning, business succession planning and investment management.

While I received excellent training in various financial disciplines, representing an insurance company created some frustration as the answer to most all problems always seemed to be an insurance policy! Over the next two decades, I went on to cut my teeth at some of the major asset and wealth management firms, working for First Union (now Wells Fargo), BNY Mellon Private Wealth and lastly PNC Wealth Management, where, for seven years, I was a Vice President and Senior Investment Advisor.

Over these years, I advised mostly high net worth clients with their investments and wealth management needs. While these opportunities each provided me with unique experiences, and as much as I enjoyed the work I did, I knew there was a better way that I could work more closely with families and help them with their financial concerns.

I had become frustrated with the big firms’ fractured method of delivering advice to clients and the ever-increasing fees that went along with it. My clients also began sharing the same frustration. As I recognized a growing demand for customized attention and personalized financial solutions, I began to formulate my vision of starting a private wealth advisory firm, and in 2015, Haddon Wealth Management, LLC was born.

In creating Haddon Wealth Management, LLC, my mission was to build a small, independent relationship-focused firm that is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to individuals and families. I seek to develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients through the focus of investment management, overall wealth management, including retirement planning, estate planning, and tax planning. My commitment is to provide customized financial solutions that meet families’ needs in a method that is customized, simplified and action-oriented.

The Challenges and the Rewards

My career is certainly not easy, and there are challenging days. As an advisor and business owner, it can be difficult keeping up a steady stream of communication with my clients and prospects, let alone seeking out new opportunities and working on building my business.

Despite some of the challenges, I can’t imagine having any other career. Every day, I’m driven by my passion to help others with their financial lives and the incredible feeling I get when I can help deliver successful outcomes. I always aim to over-deliver and, at the minimum, I strive to follow the fiduciary standard of care for clients by doing what’s right for them.

Even after more than 25 years in this industry, my passion continues to grow. I love being an advisor who takes care of people’s financial picture, and I love being the “go-to” advisor for my clients.  Managing their money in a prudent manner is my primary work and being able to develop financial planning answers for whatever the situation calls for helps clients develop the peace of mind that they seek.

The Next Step

I am always available to meet new people and see how I may be able to help. Whether you’ve already started planning for the future or have yet to put strategies in place, I encourage you to reach out to me today for a no-obligation conversation to see how I may be able to help you. Get started by calling my office at 856-888-1744.

About Greg

Gregory M. Hart, CFP® is the founder and managing director of Haddon Wealth Management, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm that provides comprehensive wealth management for clients who value a relationship-driven approach that delivers customized solutions.  He seeks to address clients’ many financial needs in an integrated approach combining both investment management and financial planning which may include some or all of the following: detailed retirement planning using a year-by-year cash flow analysis, tax-minimization estate planning, social security decision analysis, education planning, and much more. Based in Haddonfield, New Jersey, Greg works with clients throughout the Delaware Valley and in many other states as well. To learn more, connect with Greg on LinkedIn or call 856-888-1744.

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