Social Security can be complicated to navigate at times, but since it’s so vital to your retirement income plan, it’s important to make wise decisions and create strategies to optimize your benefits.

If you’re planning for your retirement income and evaluating your Social Security filing options, take a moment to test your knowledge first. Take our interactive quiz now to see how much you know!

About Greg

Gregory M. Hart, CFP® is the founder and managing director of Haddon Wealth Management, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm that provides comprehensive wealth management for clients nationwide. He seeks to address clients’ many financial needs in an integrated investment and retirement plan, while also providing a year-by-year cash flow analysis, tax-minimization estate planning, social security decision analysis, education planning, and more. Based in Haddonfield, New Jersey, he works with clients throughout the Delaware Valley. To learn more, connect with Greg on LinkedIn or call 856-888-1744.

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