About Us

Why Choose Us?

Haddon Wealth Management is unique in that we eschew the typical Wall Street firms or big banks with their ever-increasing fees and promises of a comprehensive financial advisory experience. The big firms are missing what we deliver and that is a personalized, all-encompassing, deeply vetted financial-advice experience customized for your unique situation. We are not on commission. We have no products to sell. We are not limited to a narrow investment platform. When you work with us, our loyalty is to you, and what’s in your best interest. This might sound simple but it’s really profound.

As a state-registered Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Haddon Wealth Management is legally bound by what’s called the “fiduciary standard”. Our advice must be in your best interest. Period. We chose to set up and operate our firm with that standard and we know that is what you want from a financial advisory firm. At least, that’s what our current clients have been telling us. We believe that you want sound financial advice uncluttered by the conflicts of interest that are so common today among insurance salesman, a broker-dealer representative, mutual fund houses, or an employee of a firm that only allows the sale of their products.

We believe that the best way for you to achieve financial success is to work with a firm who operates as a Registered Investment Advisor, who is held to the highest fiduciary standard, who you know is working in your best interest, and who is delivering financial advice and investments in a cost effective, tax-efficient manner.

Haddon Wealth Management. Trust, Integrity, Experience…and Proven Results.