Estate Planning

At Haddon Wealth Management, we are always thinking of your and your family’s future.  We have personally experienced the pain and sudden loss of loved ones.  We know that the best estate plan is one that is clear, all encompassing, and works in today’s ever changing tax laws. But most importantly, your affairs need to be in order BEFORE anything happens.  We’ve seen too many situations in which folks have put it off – until it was too late.

Our estate planning capabilities will provide you with a detailed estate plan which may include a flow chart of your estate so that you can see, on one page, exactly what assets will go where under the various circumstances that may occur within your family dynamic.  But first, it starts with a review of the basics.  Do you have a Will?  How about a Power of Attorney and a Healthcare Directive?  The best arrangement is one in which various scenarios have been thought through and the proper documents have been created, are in the right place, and the people who need to know are informed.  We are expert at this process and will walk you through it, so that, by the time we’re done, you will know that your affairs are in good order.

If your estate is over the state and/or federal tax limits, then there is even more at stake: estate and inheritance taxes.  We are expert in helping clients set up their estates in such a way so as to minimize, and maybe even altogether eliminate those nasty estate taxes, which could be as high as 50% or more!

There are really five main levels of estate planning:

  1. Review and Analysis of Wills, Trusts and other estate related documents
  2. Determination of Asset Titling & Beneficiary Designations
  3. Analyze Life Insurance Policies for Ownership, Beneficiary, & Death Benefits
  4. Recognition of Family Tree – Generational Planning
  5. Discover and Implement any Charitable Intent

We will review your current situation and walk you through the many and varied circumstances so that you can rest assured that you have properly taken care of your affairs to the best of your abilities and circumstances.
Don’t leave it undone for a grieving loved one to have to figure it out.
Don’t let unnecessary taxes go freely to the government.
Let us show you how.

One caveat: While we may be instrumental in the construction and design of your estate plan, we cannot practice law, and therefore any document changes will need to be handled by a qualified estate planning attorney.  We can work with your attorney or we can introduce you to one of the many qualified estate planning attorneys that we have worked with over the years.